The City Kitchen is a boutique culinary event company and food blog based in San Francisco. It is a way for me to reach people in the Bay Area, to share recipes, knowledge and techniques and to make cooking and entertaining fun. I hope that you enjoy The City Kitchen as much as I do! Meet the chef’s that help make The City Kitchen run smoothly…


I grew up in a household full of parties. One of my earliest memories is of lying in my bedroom, listening to a backyard full of people laughing and talking into the wee hours. My mother is a gifted hostess and party planner, and my father loves to share wine from his cellar. From the time we were little, my brother, sister and I were taught how to pass hors d’oeuvres, fill wine glasses and know all about the Godiva chocolates served at the end of a party. My mother made dinner for our family every night and always let me help her in the kitchen. She supported my messes and creativity with a lot of laughter and hugs.

I started working in a professional kitchen when I was 16 years old, making pasta and bread for an Italian restaurant after school. I graduated from college with a Journalism degree and thought I wanted to be a food and travel writer. So, I went to The French Culinary Institute in New York City to learn serious techniques and fell in love with the kitchen all over again. I got two degrees from The FCI, a classic culinary degree and a pastry degree, and have worked at restaurants in Manhattan, Ithaca NY, Park City UT, and for a catering company in East Hampton.

By the time I moved to San Francisco I was tired of kitchen hours, cramped quarters and small paychecks. After completing a short wine program at The CIA in Napa, I started a little company called Mariposa Kitchen and began working as a private chef and caterer. I also started teaching cooking classes in my home. Two years later, I realized that I was ready to move on to a bigger, better space and a new business name. So, Mariposa Kitchen became The City Kitchen, with a full website, video food blog, recipe index and beautiful venues for cooking classes and private events.

Meghan and I began working together in the spring of 2012 and she has been an extremely valuable addition to The City Kitchen. I’m not sure where I would be without her.


My mother and grandmother are both excellent cooks and after watching them gracefully concoct many delicious meals, I knew at an early age that I wanted to learn how to do that too. The kitchen is my happy place. It’s where I go to do my best thinking, and where I am my most creative. I was also lucky to have a multinational upbringing that afforded me many rich cultural and culinary experiences living and traveling around the world. Many of my favorite memories are food memories: eating, preparing, discovering.

It is because of this food passion that I decided to go to The French Culinary Institute in Manhattan to gain the professional training I needed in order to turn my passion into a career. Since then I have worked in restaurants, including a James Beard Award Winning restaurant, ABC Kitchen, I have catered with large catering companies in San Francisco, and I have worked as a private chef.

I love to cook, but I also love interactive cooking. I love the conversations that evolve while stirring the pot. I love the collaborative nature – if you do this, and I do that, together we will produce something delicious. When you cook as a team, it is no longer a chore but rather a social activity. And in early 2012 I found The City Kitchen, where Caroline and I thrive on the idea of social cooking – a place where food is the melting pot that brings people together.